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Today most people try to save money on household items to cope with the unrelenting increase in cost of living. If you have a baby in your family, you would surely like to save some money on baby food. Enfamil coupons can offer you the best deals on baby formula. AEnfamil coupon can be used for getting free samples, attractive discounts and useful gift packs.

Enfamil is a baby formula brand owned by Mead Johnson. Since 1905, Mead Johnson has manufactured safe, innovative and high quality products that meet the nutritional needs of infants and children. Enfamil was the first instant baby formula manufactured and marketed by the company. It is a baby formula brand trusted and recommended not only by thousands of parents across the United States but also by the majority of the country’s healthcare professionals.

Before you learn the tricks of acquiring Enfamil coupons, you must get familiar with some popular products marketed under the brand name Enfamil.

Enfamil ProSobee: This infant formula is meant for reducing gas and fussiness in babies. Often babies suffer from intolerance to milk-based formula. Milk intolerance in babies is mostly manifested as feeding problems. Enfamil ProSobee does not contain milk or lactose. It contains soy protein, an ingredient that is much easier on a baby’s stomach compared to milk. Enfamil ProSobee offers all the nutrients that a baby requires during the first year.

Enfamil Gentlease: This baby formula gets its name from the way it works. The manufacturer’s website describes Enfamil Gentlease as a gentle change designed for easing gas and fussiness in a baby within only 24 hours. It contains simple proteins that are gentle on the little one’s stomach. Statistics obtained from recent surveys suggest that 80% of moms who gave Enfamil Gentlease to their babies to control gas and fussiness were satisfied with the results. Enfamil Gentlease contains all the nutrients that a baby requires for healthy growth during the first year. 

Enfamil A.R.: This formula is ideal for babies who spit up 5 or more times in a day. Enfamil A.R. is a clinically proven formula for reducing both the quantity and frequency of spit-up. Moreover, Enfamil A.R. has the perfect nutritional balance. It contains Enfamil ingredients like ARA and DHA for supporting the baby’s eye and brain development.

Enfamil Enfalyte: This product is formulated scientifically for replacing water and electrolytes. Usually, pediatricians recommend an electrolyte replacement to children who suffer from diarrhea and vomiting. Enfamil Enfalyte is the most effective oral electrolyte available on the market. This oral solution has a light cherry flavor, which is loved by almost all babies. Enfamil Enfalyte’s main ingredient is corn syrup solids, which help to promote electrolyte and fluid absorption.

Expecta LIPIL DHA Supplement for Moms: Unlike the products discussed above, each of which are meant for babies, this Enfamil Lipil formula is meant for expecting or breastfeeding mothers. This supplement is recommended to pregnant women and nursing mothers mainly to ensure proper brain and eye development in their fetus and newborns respectively. Each Expecta LIPIL DHA capsule contains 200 mg DHA.

Finding Enfamil Coupons

How can you get Enfamil coupons to buy these wonderful baby formula and supplements for a low price? Baby magazines often offer baby formula coupons from popular brands like Enfamil. While reading a baby magazine, always check whether any Enfamil coupon is clipped to its pages. If you are lucky, you might come across magazines that have a complete page dedicated to Enfamil coupons. Besides baby magazines, parenting magazines and pregnancy guides are other possible Enfamil coupon sources. Your newspaper’s advertisement page can also have coupons with offers on popular Enfamil products like Enfamil Gentlease and Enfamil ProSobee.

An Enfamil Gentlease coupon or Enfamil ProSobee coupon can also be obtained from well known coupon websites like passionforsavings.com, myfrugaladventures.com, madamedeals.com etc. The majority of the coupon websites send Enfamil coupons via email. First, you will have to join these websites’ mailing lists. You can expect to have coupon emails in your inbox within a few days of joining those mailing lists.

If you are an online shopper, you will need to look for online coupon codes to buy Enfamil baby formula at discounted rates. However, individuals who shop at supermarkets and stores will need printed versions of the emailed coupons. These emailed coupons typically come with two kinds of offers. You may get an Enfamil $5 coupon or coupons that offer a 10% discount on Enfamil products.

Many households in the United States also receive Enfamil coupons in their mail. These coupons are usually sent by supermarkets or stores located in the nearby areas. The offers on a mailed Enfamil coupon are usually the same as those on the printable coupons obtained from coupon websites. The stores and supermarkets that offer these coupons are mostly Enfamil’s retail partners. If you have a baby in your family or are expecting to have one soon, check your mail regularly for Enfamil coupons.

Does Enfamil’s official website Enfamil.com have any special offer for consumers? Enfamil’s official website offers gift certificates to interested consumers. You can print these certificates directly from the website. Visit your baby’s pediatrician with these certificates and get your free samples. These samples will help you to understand which Enfamil formula is suitable for your baby before you buy a large pack.

The website also offers free nutrition gifts to breastfeeding mothers and women in their third trimester. There are special gift certificates for women who want to feed their newborns Enfamil formula in the hospital. Parents who are celebrating their toddler’s first birthday should remember to get the certificate for Enfamil’s 1st Birthday Nutrition Gift.

If you get the Enfamil Family Beginnings certificate, you will be able to get gifts worth up to $250. Enfamil sends free samples from its Stages Nutrition Line to every Enfamil Family Beginnings certificate holder. In addition to these, you will save up to $60 on purchases made from Enfamil.com and receive monthly emails with nutrition information and expert advice.

The above tips should get you all the information you need about Enfamil coupons and products. Now it’s your turn to find an Enfamil coupon and redeem it to purchase Enfamil products.